Featured Artist: Maïka Zayagata

Jun 29, 2021 | Blog

Here it is. The inside(out) scoop.

If you’ve ever wondered who I look to with great respect in the tattoo community, then read on. This particular artist has not only inspired me since 2014, when I first discovered her work. She has adorned me with about 35 hours of ink (with many more to come – no doubt). If you’ve seen my right leg, you will understand why.

Her name is Maïka Zayagata and she specialises in industrial and organic geometry, dotwork and blackwork. Here is what she has to say about doing the work that she does:

“I like to think about each project as a new challenge and a way to forever improve myself. But it’s so easy to fall into a trap of repeating the same tattoo over and over. To help me with that, I like to expand my inspiration span.

It’s important for me to find interest elsewhere, and architecture is one of them for example. Looking at other art disciplines and learning how other artists use their creativity can be inspiring, and can trigger ideas that lead to a different way to think.

With social media nowadays, we are bombarded with stuff, some not so good, but once in a while you find a gem, and that is pretty cool.

This being said, I still get inspired looking at other Tattoo Artist’s work.

Ultimately, what is really important is that I want to create something for each of my clients that will make them feel more themselves. Not that they need this tattoo to be themselves, not at all. Nobody needs a tattoo to become who they want to be. But if someone does choose to get tattooed, then I want to create something that will push them in a direction that makes them feel more whole. Their new tattoo will be part of the plan to become who they want to be.

I’ve been tattooing for 16 years now and there is a certain confidence that comes with that which is amazing and it feels good to know where you are going. I’m happy to say though that even after 16 years, I’m still learning. I believe there is always space for improvement.

I feel very grateful to be able to do this job, it’s very rewarding.

Hopefully, I can continue to do it for a long time.”

-Maïka Zayagata

IG: @maikazayagata

FB page: @maikazayagatatattoos

Website: maikazayagata.com

Maïka is an extremely hard worker, and the quality of art that she creates is so seamless that it makes it look easy. But I assure you – it’s anything but easy! I invite you to follow her on social media to witness her masterful creations.

-The Tattooed Fae

Photo credit: Maïka Zayagata
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