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Aug 1, 2020 | Blog

Curious are you?
If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been tattooed by me, know someone who has, or have been following my art for awhile. Excuse the formalities, but before I go crazy with my writing, I’d like to explain what you can expect to see in my blogs, before I actually write one.
Some posts will be my client stories, shared with the permission of the individuals. I’ll talk about the tattoo art, from concept to creation. I will pass on their personal experience of the tattoo, pain rating included, and the reasons why they chose to get tattooed.
Some posts will be educational about tattoo culture, including the “do’s and don’ts” of tattoo etiquette. Perhaps I’ll share some nightmarish tattoo experiences I’ve had. I’ll also answer some frequently asked questions by my clients.
Beware! I’ll also share some of my “manic midnight” thoughts which you may find interesting or dumb. But hey, that’s part of the Elli package and a risk you may have to take!
Last but not least (possibly the best of all).. I’ll be featuring one of my favourite artists every now and then. There are countless people that inspire me across many mediums, and yes – I will be featuring other tattoo artists! My aim here is to break down toxic competition in the industry and let you in on my personal faves!
If you want to scratch through the surface of my professional face, subscribe – and possibly live to regret it. Or you can scroll on by and keep thinking I’m a cool guy. Yes.. the coolest, cool guy.
-The Tattooed Fae
Photo credit: Jess Gore Photography
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